Restaurant reviews
  • Sally Clarke’s

    Restaurants in London come and go. People move on, tastes change, leases run out and new ones become prohibitive….

  • 8 hours to Burgundy

    love driving.Always have. In my heyday I was fortunate enough to drive Porsches,V12 e-types,Ferraris and a vintage Maserati…those were…

  • Gigi’s

    When arriving at a new restaurant what would you like to see as your first impression ? A smart…

  • The Colony increases !
    The Colony increases !

    It occurs to me sitting in the brand new Beaumont Hotel waiting for a guest, that I have known…

  • Saintly St John
    Saintly St John

    A few years ago now I was sitting in St John with a group of family and friends feeling…

  • Hereford Road
    Hereford Road

    Outside or Inside? Given the choice, my partner would choose to eat outside at a restaurant where this option…

  • India Dining, Surrey
    India Dining, Surrey

    Although I have lived in London for many years I spent my formative years in and around Altrincham in…

  • Ristorante Cesarina
    Ristorante Cesarina

    When in Rome… Wandering around Rome last weekend on a beautiful warm day, I pondered the origin of the…

  • Scott’s

    Where I live in London, I am surrounded by chain restaurants, Cote, Carluccios, Byron all of which offer food…

  • Trattoria ai Pescatore
    Trattoria ai Pescatore

    Milan is a working city. People are in a hurry. Things get done. Service, whether in a hotel, shop…

  • The Kronenhalle
    The Kronenhalle

    Whatever happened to old-fashioned dining ? So many restaurants opening in London seem to cater for diners in a…